“Four ages of understanding: the first postmodern survey of philosophy from ancient times to the turn of the twenty-first century” John Deely

This book redraws the intellectual map and sets the agenda in philosophy for the coming decades.
“Here is my bet. If you read this book though, you will come away convinced that what has claimed to be and been in fact the mainstream of philosophical thought in contemporary culture has turned into a side current, perhaps even a backwater. In the seventeenth century, modern philosophy, in order to develop, had to move pretty much outside the academy. In the late twentieth century, the philosophical establishment within the academy has become to philosophy’s future what the judges of Galileo were to the future of science. That is how the story of philosophy will appear when our successors look back on the twentieth century. That is the bet. To call the bet you have only to read the book; and all the while yourself philosophize”.

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