“The bitterness of Job. A philosophical reading” John T.Wilcox

John Wilcox argues that bitterness, not patience, is the state most characteristic of the Book of Job in the central dialogues.

Job is a masterwork of the human spirit. It deals with some of the most profoundly difficult issues arising out of Hebrew religious tradition. It might also be described as one of the most perplexing books ever written. We can not date it with any precision. Many of its words ans phrases are unclear and their meanings are disputed. Many lines have been altered or corrupted. Passages may have been lost. Additions seem to have been introduced. It is hardly surprising that centuries of readers have disagreed about what its meaning is.

For decades the study of Job has been neglected by philosophers and left to specialists in Near Eastern Languages. This new book argues that it is now time for philosophers to return to this great and mysterious work.
The Bitterness of Job shows how a close reading of it can illuminate the deepest human concerns.


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